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The Harmonization of the Smart Grid and Smart Building Markets has begun!

Our new research report shows that The Smart Grid and Smart buildings markets are beginning the tricky process of harmonization as major global firms look to capitalise on opportunities surrounding distributed energy.

The combined market for Energy Software in Smart Buildings (inc. Enterprise Energy Management, BECS Supervisory Software and Smart Building to Smart Grid Interface Software) will rise to nearly $10Bn by 2020; with related software on the Smart Grid side growing at a healthy 12% CAGR to nearly $2bn by 2020.
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Report Highlights...

North America Leads the Way on Demand Response. North America leads the way in terms of smart building to smart grid software sales with some 70% of the overall market, thanks to a pioneering approach to demand response and a conducive policy environment.
ESCOs consolidate their market positions across the energy value chain. The large energy services companies (ESCOs) such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, Honeywell and Johnson Controls are all pursuing aggressive acquisition policies to sure up and expand their capabilities across the energy value chain.
Significant Barriers continue to encumber market growth. A lack of common standards and cyber security concerns continue to encumber market growth, with energy and buildings executives commonly citing these two factors as the key challenges to effective smart energy solution implementation and improved integration between smart grids and smart buildings.

Within its 149 pages and 30 charts and tables, the report filters out all the key facts and draws conclusions, so you can understand exactly what is shaping the future of the Smart Buildings Market. Only $999 USD for a Single User License.