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Darkest Peru – A shinning light for security technology

The stereotypical view of Peru as a country of small bowler hats and pan pipes was blown out of the water at the Atlantic City Casino in Lima, the venue for the IP UserGroup Latin America’s IP-in-Action LIVE Peru Event.

With the registration table straining under the weight of delegate badges it was clear that the event had hit a nerve with both local and international security professionals. The gathering had a very clear remit; to increase knowledge and understanding of the next generation of digital physical security technology.

With delegates travelling from as far as Tacna, Chimbote, Trujillo, Arequipa, Huarmey, Piura y Cuzco and exhibitor and speakers from across Latin, Central and North America, this was a truly international experience. Participants included: Anixter, Bolide Technology, EverFocus Electronics, Exacq Technologies, Fluidmesh Networks, infinias & DIGIOP, Milestone Systems, Mission 500, MOBOTIX, NVT, Solutec - Kronos NET, Tyco Security Products, VISIONxIP y los media Partners Editorial Seguridad y Defensa, Revista IPfocus International, Revista IT/USERS, SEGURIEXPO Ecuador y TECNOSeguro.com.

Following the initial registration period which provided an opportunity for delegated to plan their day over a coffee and spend time with the exhibitors, Paul Hennings, President of IP UserGroup International who had flown in from London England, welcomed the attendees with his pigeon Spanish and invited them to enjoy their day and hopefully gain from the investment in time.

The day was divided into 4 sessions; two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon with a light buffet and opportunity to spend time with the exhibitors for discussions and demonstrations during the lunchtime break.

The two seminar theatres were packed with attentive security professionals who had clearly come along with one intention only – to learn how their businesses could benefit from the advances that IP based security technology can provide.

During the afternoon, Mr Hennings took the opportunity to conduct video interviews with the exhibitors to gain a better understanding of the Peruvian market, the acceptance of IP in the region and the role of the IP UserGroup in Latin America.

To view the video interviews please visit http://www.ip-in-action-live.com/lima-video-interviews.html

Paul Hennings commented, “It was a pleasure to visit Peru and I found Lima a pleasant and friendly city. I was impressed at the level of interest in the latest security technology. Although I was aware that Peru is a very progressive country, I had not realised how quickly the market would turn to IP”.

He added, “Although the seminars were pitched at various levels of understanding, I believe that the delegates left the event with a far greater understanding of the Big Picture than when they arrived. As for the exhibitors and speakers, it was clear that the Peruvian market is an extremely important one and one that they are keen to invest in over the coming years”.

“Finally I would urge manufacturers, resellers, integrators, installers and end users to take advantage of the opportunity that IP-in-Action LIVE events offer, be it as delegates, exhibitors or speakers. I appreciate Pablo’s invitation to join him and the team in Peru and look forward to my next trip!”.

The day concluded with a raffle with prizes donated from EverFocus, Bolide and Solutec.