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IP-in-Action LIVE Schedule Confirmed

IP-in-Action LIVE Next Stop Reading
Followed by:
Cambridge 4th September
London Gatwick 4th December

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An Absolute IP Fest!

Not only are you invited to the Table-top EXPO, product demonstrations and Education Programme and a FREE Buffet Lunch, but why not invite a colleague, client or prospective customer to view the latest kit...

Join us to learn about the possibilities that networked security technology and the advances in IP based security and safety management solutions offers. PLUS much much more...

Bring along your clients and customers and we will buy them lunch!

The IP UserGroup Networking Dinner at the Hotel on the evening prior to the event
Full Programme of Exhibits, Demonstrations and Seminars
FREE Buffet Lunch Sponsored by IP Focus Magazine
The latest in the series of Network Excellence features from sponsors IP Focus Magazine
PLUS an opportunity to Quiz the Guru in an open to the floor session where you can ask the experts in an around the table discussion.