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interactive Building Security with IP intercom and Speakers

When you add IP intercom and speakers to your building, your building becomes interactive. Security guards can talk to people they see on the video system instantly, regardless of distance. If the person is lost or simply needs assistance, it is easy for the people in charge to communicate directly. On the other hand, if a person has ill intent, security guards can interact and prevent an unwanted situation to develop. By combining audio, access control and cameras you get the ability to see, speak and listen. STENTOFON makes it simple to welcome, guide, help or warn people anywhere in the building or on the premises

The STENTOFON critical communication portfolio offers state of the art quality audio software and hardware. Just press a button and you can call for immediate assistance, help and support. The voice in the other end can be heard loud and clear, thus eliminating misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Even in very noisy environments we offer crystal clear audio - driven by our Turbine stations with 10Watt amplifiers and active noise cancellation software included. Our quality products are built to last with backwards compatibility; this reduces the cost of ownership