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Hikvision Introduces High-end Embedded NVR Series to Benefit HD Surveillance

Hikvision, the global leader of video surveillance products and solutions, has now released the DS-9600NI-RT embedded NVR series - a new high-definition network video recorder (NVR) series.

This NVR has the ability to access up-to 64 network cameras, while supporting video input with a resolution of up-to 5 megapixels. It is capable of full HD video in real-time (25 frames per second) live viewing and video playback. HDMI and VGA output are supported for high definition video display at up-to 1920x1080p resolution, allowing users to see every color, detail, and action.

The DS-9600NI-RT features an industry-leading throughput of 320Mbps (160Mbps for input / 160Mbps for output) to provide the required bandwidth for recording multiple HD-megapixel cameras and remote viewing. For example, when users choose 16-ch for video recording, they will experience superior video imaging at 1080p resolution - since each channel delivers 10Mbps input bandwidth for recording.

Designed with reliability in mind, this embedded NVR provides performance enhancement and fault tolerance by employing RAID 0,1,5,10 disk management. This stretches across as many as 8 hard drives, with up-to 4Tb of internal storage capacity for each. Dual systems and dual Gigabit NIC are supported to significantly improve system reliability and ensure seamless video recording.

"Implementing IP video surveillance has been widely talked about in today's physical security market," said Keen Yao, International Marketing Director at Hikvision. "Hikvision is well positioned to embrace this trend. Our new DS-9600NI-RT embedded NVR series is excellent proof of Hikvision NVR technology, and is an ideal solution for our customer's HD surveillance and high-capacity storage needs."

Besides Hikvision's full range of IP cameras, the DS-9600NI-RT also supports third-party IP cameras from major network camera manufacturers to offer customers more versatile video solutions. Ideal applications for this NVR include transportation, telecom, public security, education, electricity, and financial institutions, among others.

In addition to a 64-channel version of the DS-9600NI-RT, models featuring 8, 16, and 32 channels are also available. Furthemore, Hikvision offers the DS-9600NI-XT embedded NVR with 16 hard-disk drives, as it specifically supports 32-ch and 64-ch video recording, making it an ideal solution for large-scale IP surveillance needs.