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Tips from 100 Years in Light
Raytec’s lighting experts with over 100 years combined experience in lighting reveal their personal tips for CCTV
and general area illumination.

Cameras, just like people, need light to see at night. So every security professional will benefit from a core
understanding of light.
Despite the importance of lighting, it is sometimes overlooked or specified incorrectly when it comes to the design
and installation of a security system; often due to a lack of understanding.
Raytec are 100% focussed on lighting and six of Raytec’s lighting experts who each have over 10 year’s personal
experience of lighting design (and collectively over 100 years) reveal their personal tips and practical guidelines for
making lighting design, specification, installation and set-up much easier and more effective. This article will help
all security professionals to understand the basic principles of light and get the most out of their security system
at night.

This paper will cover the following topics:
• Optimal lighting and camera integration
• The importance of real life testing
• Identifying new opportunities with White-Light
• White-Light design and specification
• The impact of badly designed lighting
• The true cost of ownership of your lighting.

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