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Honeywell Announces DVR Integration with ESI Control Room Management Software

Honeywell have announced the integration of its Fusion and HRDP Digital Video Recorders (DVR) with European Systems Integration’s (ESI) remote monitoring and remote assistance software.

The new compatibility with ESI’s V1(video / client server) and F1 (alarm receiver front-end) central station modules means security installers can offer a comprehensive centrally monitored DVR solution to end users through Honeywell’s Fusion and HRDP product range, and know that the solution will be fully supported within the ESI video monitoring platform.

Based on an open protocol approach, the integration allows installers to sell HRDP and Fusion solutions to end users who require a centrally monitored solution. Equally, it means installers and central monitoring stations are in a position to return to customer sites where Fusion or HRDP DVRs have been installed as a classic standalone solution, and sell a supplementary monitoring contract based on ESI’s software. In addition to providing extra revenue, this is also an opportunity to reinforce an installer’s customer relationship and reduce churn.

“We are delighted to be in a position to provide integration with ESI’s robust and proven central monitoring software to security professionals using Honeywell’s Fusion or HRDP DVRs,” comments Daniel Wan, UK Marketing Leader, Honeywell Security Group. “In addition to creating new revenue streams for installers, this integration will also provide customers with the flexibility to outsource or monitor surveillance in-house according to their requirements.”

“We have worked extensively with Honeywell over several months to develop the integration to ensure the best possible functionality with the Honeywell range for use within remote monitoring applications,”
adds Paul Dodds, UK Country Manager, ESI.

ESI is a manufacturer of remote monitoring and remote assistance stations that has grown rapidly in the UK and Europe with over 300 installations to date. ESI’s software has been developed over 11 years and offers end users with both video and intruder monitoring on the same platform through the same Central Monitoring Station.