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Long Term Success for IP Networked CCTV from Indigo Vision.

IndigoVision’s IP-based video technology provides multi-site CCTV surveillance for St Joseph's Health Care’s four facilities.

IndigoVision’s IP-based networked video technology is providing multi-site CCTV surveillance for St Joseph’s Health Care’s four facilities in and around London, Canada. The project was initially installed in 2001 by Pro-Install Video Systems and has provided St Joseph’s with a reliable leading edge CCTV solution for more than two years.

IndigoVision’s VideoBridge technology provides complete IP-based system solutions for transmission, control and storage of live-networked video. The system is location independent, allowing an operator to view live digital and recorded video from a different building, town or country. It is these features that have allowed St Joseph’s to monitor all of its 117 cameras from each local site as well as centrally from the Security Control Center located at the Parkwood Hospital, without the need for an expensive cabled infrastructure.

The system utilizes St Joseph’s existing wide area network to deliver high-quality live video around the site. This provides a far more cost effective solution than analogue CCTV systems and has enabled St Joseph’s to expand the number of cameras installed from the cost savings realized from the project. The system is easily scaleable allowing additional cameras to be added anywhere on the network without additional cabling. The project has been so successful that St Joseph’s have received many visitors from the security community who were interested in seeing IP-based digital video in operation.

“A live network has given my staff the opportunity to view real time images which is so important with the clients who we care for. Emergency Response is of the utmost importance when dealing with a violent person or someone in need of medical attention. We cannot afford the time delay in dispatching our officers who are the front line responders in all our color code emergencies. Viewing in real time gives us the advantage in ensuring proper and adequate response is attained. It also allows my staff to provide immediate security response to our outside areas to apprehend or investigate any wrongdoings in progress,” explained Mike Bessegato, Director Fire & Security Services/Emergency Planning, St Joseph's Health Care.