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New VideoJet XPro - unprecedented density for large scale CCTV

The VideoJet XPro is a high-density rack-mount sender/receiver which can convert analog video from up to 160 cameras to IP networked video. Each camera gets it own dedicated channel and can be viewed, switched and recorded over the network in DVD-quality at 50 or 60 fields per second. For existing installations it can be used as a drop-in replacement for an analog switch, putting all 160 channels on a Gigabit IP network for recording and simultaneous transmission to multiple viewers. It is particularly well-suited to new installations in transportation where cameras are typically located trackside and wired back to a central wiring closet.

The VideoJet XPro consists of a 7HU/84DU 19-inch cabinet housing a selection of plug-in cartridges. These can be a mix of three types. the V8 cartridge supports 8 video channels; the VA8 offers 8 video and 8 audio channels; and these both come in sender or receiver versions. The HDD cartridge provides hard-disks for efficient local and pre-alarm recording and will support VCS’s ANR fault-tolerant networked recording technology.

The VideoJet XPro features dual stream MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video transmission. All data streams are fully independent to cater for simultaneous high and low data rate applications, e.g. long term recording and high quality live viewing. The XPro comes with complete DVR functionality including alarm and ring recording and its recordings can be searched and retrieved from any network location.

The VCS professional product range is designed to integrate analog video equipment into the digital world. The DVD-quality video, the unique certified (TÜV) low delay mode, the high port density and the bandwidth efficiency make this product range the technology of choice where digital matrices or large-scale installations with 1000 or more cameras are involved. Management is accomplished through the VIDOS family of video management and recording software and VCS’s SDK (software developer kit).