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CanadianMagazine/Web Site Support IIPSEC 2004

AutomatedBuildings.com is an on line magazine and web resource providing the news, as well as connection to the exciting and rapidly evolving industry that automates large buildings. In the last four years we have become the industries B2B web site providing connection for all new and existing automated building industry stakeholders.

Ken Sinclair, Editor/Owner stated "In the past we did not realize that our industry's direction and our personal lives would be so effected by information convergence. We cannot wait until convergence occurs and then get involved, because it will be too late. Our industry's presence in creating a convergence plan changes everything. We as an industry bring new concepts and tools to the convergence table in the form of "real time information." Our industry's business is collecting, acting on, and distributing real time data such as security access, video, ID cards, dynamic ID identifications, as well as energy usage, client comfort, humidity, IAQ, etc.

As an industry we are just starting to grasp the concept of how this real time data converges with our clients' information enterprise. Our clients are also just starting to discover how information that is presented easily (and anywhere) can be extremely useful for enterprise growth and for staying competitive.

The show will attract the converging technology of TCP/IP and we are pleased to be a part of this and encourage all the event's players to share their stories with our over 35,000 global building automation professionals that read AutomatedBuildings.com monthly".