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IP UserGroup Presents for Sony at Lisbon Conference

Following an invitation to attend and speak at the Sony European Channel Partners Conference in Portugal, the IP UserGroup™ provided a presentation on “The Industry today and a view of the future market”.

The address was made by Pat Meaney, IP UserGroup™ Executive Committee Member who commented “We (the IP UserGroup) were very pleased to be asked to present at such an important event at such an early stage of our development. Sony have embraced IP technology and clearly wanted to share the benefits with their European Partners.”

The aims of the IP UserGroup™ are simply to promote and encourage existing and potential users to get involved in the technology and the opportunity to help identify the benefits of IP to Sony’s Channel Partners was gratefully accepted.

The attendees came from all parts of Europe for the event in Lisbon with particularly strong representation from France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

The IP UserGroupâ„¢ presentation provided a broad summary of the current position and what it considered the future to hold with particular emphasis on technological innovation and the tremendous growth opportunities provided by IP technology.

From the interactive sessions on the following day, it became clear that greater education was the route to gaining peoples understanding and acceptance of technological solutions rather than shunning it. To that end the IP UserGroupâ„¢ was seen as a rallying point for everyone involved in IP to help get this message across. Supporting such a forum could only help increase the pace of take up for IP technology.

Pat said, "It is interesting to see that even though mainland Europe is ahead of the UK in the adoption and use of DSL networks etc. it still has similar problems with a deeply entrenched security industry. If the traditional security industry does not wake up to what is happening it will be left with the crumbs while the IT industry takes the cake".