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BATT NETWORKS announce launch of the Mobotix Network Security Camera Installer Programme.

The Installer Programme has been designed exclusively for security installers. An overview of the TCP/IP protocol, routing and the various WAN options for image transmission and storage are covered.

Joining the programme entitles you too many benefits including a comprehensive training course, preferential pricing, technical and software development updates, qualified leads and marketing support.

Mobotix is the first weatherproofed camera (IP65 rated) with integrated digital colour image recorder and video management system. The standard model can store up to 600 alarm images in industry standard JPG format.

Recording can be event activated using free definable motion detectors, passive infra-red activation, sound detect or continuous stream. Images are recorded internally or externally via file transfer to Windows2000 server or by FTP. The ability to email an image or series of images is also included as standard.

Power and Ethernet to the camera is over a Cat5e cable thus drastically reducing the time for a multi-camera install. Single cameras are powered via a 3-way mini-adaptor with an 8 or 20 port ‘power hub’ available for multi camera sites. With no moving parts, no additional software purchase for managing the system and new features implemented via a remote firmware upgrade, ‘Cost of Ownership’ is virtually nil.

The Mobotix security system therefore offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional CCTV.